iAPPS Health Group

Experience a seamless modern process when it comes to finding and claiming for healthcare.

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Find a list of quality providers

Easily view filter-enabled lists of healthcare providers and locate your nearest with location maps with directions and call features.

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Stay organised

A dashboard organizes all past transactions, medical certificates in one place, and keep tabs on remaining benefits / health dollars / rewards.

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Cashless payments

No more out of pocket expenses first. Pay seamlessly via QR code scanning that auto deducts health dollars.

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Delivered right to your doorstep

Shop and get health products delivered to your doorstep.

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Spend and get rewarded

Turn healthcare spent to coins that could be used to offset your next in-app health expenditure (incl. Healthcare supplements & devices)

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Receive special offers

Get access to promotional vouchers via the iHG platform

Experience a quicker claiming process.


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A best-in-class health benefits experience in a unified platform.

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