Introducing the iAPPS Health Group Digital Health Wallet, in collaboration with CashNow

Pictured (from left to right): Ivan Khua (Chairman, CashNow), Toh Kok Wee (Director, CashNow), Esther Xie (Director, iAPPS Health Group), Dr. Lam Pin Min (Chairman, iAPPS Health Group)

Pictured: Signing of official documents by representatives of CashNow and iAPPS Health Group

iAPPS Health Group (iHG) Digital Health Wallet is the FIRST healthcare payment solution being offered FREE for Corporates to manage benefits, control budget, automate claims — all in one unified platform.

It is also the FIRST in letting Providers keep not 25% – 50%, but 90% of their medical revenue which gets transferred instantly to their iHG Wallet (Provider) upon successful  transaction, vs the usual 2 – 3 months timeframe.

In Collaboration with CashNow Wallet

Offered by iAPPS Health Group (“iHG”) in collaboration with CashNow, iHG’s Digital Health Wallet utilises CashNow’s Send and Payment capabilities to facilitate seamless transactions for corporates, providers, and individuals all around.

“We started CashNow on the basis of serving the community, with increased accessibility through our integration with the SGQR label. Through this collaboration with iHG, we look forward to extending our services beyond the community, but also to corporate entities and healthcare providers islandwide.”
Ivan Khua, Chairman, CashNow

CashNow is widely used and accepted at over 8800 hawker centres, shops and F&B outlets islandwide that features SGQR code for Scan and Pay services.

“With CashNow on board, it allows the iHG Digital Wallet platform to help healthcare providers get paid faster. Corporates using the wallet can streamline their flexi-benefits administrative processes which also makes the claims process for individuals or employees more efficient. This allows everyone within the ecosystem to spend more time on things that truly matter and putting one’s health first.”
Dr. Lam Pin Min, iHG Chairman and Former Senior Minister of State for Health

Get ready for an elevated modern healthcare experience!

For Corporates: Give your workforce personalised healthcare benefits that’s optimised, easy to implement and at zero cost to you

  • Automate claims
  • Smarter benefits utilisation
  • Seamless administrative process

For Providers: Enhance your suite of medical offerings

  • Get fairer returns for your services
  • Get paid in seconds… not months
  • Expand your patient base
  • Earn extra income passively & beyond clinic hours

For Individuals: Experience a seamless modern process when it comes to finding and claiming for healthcare

  • Find a list of quality providers
  • Stay organised
  • Cashless payments
  • Delivered right to your doorstep
  • Spend and get rewarded
  • Receive special offers

iHG’s Digital Health Wallet is currently being rolled out to our existing network of medical centres and family clinics islandwide. More features and enhancements are in the pipeline such as linking the wallet to a digital health card to provide a more holistic view on transaction history and health affordability status. 

Whether you’re a provider or corporate, or an individual, be a part of the iHG network to access the above listed details. Find out more at

At iHG, we are committed to empowering individuals to live life more abundantly through Fin-MedTech enabled 3P personalised, predictive, and preventive medicine.

Pictured (from left to right): Ivan Khua (Chairman, CashNow), Toh Kok Wee (Director, CashNow), Esther Xie (Director, iAPPS Health Group), Dr. Lam Pin Min (Chairman, iAPPS Health Group)