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Introducing the 1doc Electronic Medication Dispensing Machine (EMDM).

Also known as the Robot Pharmacy.

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About our solution

The 1doc Electronic Medication Dispensing Machine (EMDM) is an automated robotic dispensing solution with interfacing capability to electronic
medical record system and patient centered longitudinal personal health records. Currently pending patent registration in the USA, this versatile system developed by iAPPS Health Group integrates advanced robotics, image recognition, generative AI language transformer, RFID, EDI and process automation technology, providing a comprehensive approach to healthcare services.

  1. Seamless adoption through doctor panel signup and onboarding, integrating medication prescription and inventory management into existing workflows effortlessly.
  2. User-friendly plug-and-play implementation of 1doc EMDM ensures easy access and cost-effectiveness for providers. Just a power plug and WiFi connection are required, followed by a simple clinic login.
  3. API integration with other clinic pharmacy systems allows for smooth collaboration and operation within existing healthcare frameworks.
  1. Conveniently book in-clinic appointments or tele-consultations with healthcare providers using our user-friendly iOS and Android 1doc App.
  2. Easily collect prescribed medication by scanning and paying through the app, followed by pickup at the clinic.
  3. View and reorder previously dispensed medication digitally with doctor’s approval, ensuring continuity of care and efficient medication management.

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