iAPPS Health Group

“I look forward to exploring the use of technology with iHG and innovating the next chapter in healthcare provision that will lead to better health outcomes and longer health span.”

— Dr. Lam Pin Min
Chairman of iAPPS Health Group & Former Senior Minister of State for Health & Transport
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The only Fin-MedTech platform you need

iAPPS Health Group offers Personalised, Predictive, and Preventive Medicine through a digital wallet and virtual health card. All on a single platform. Empowering positive behavioural changes through data-driven innovation that curates real-time interventions. Helping you achieve a better quality-of-life.

Helmed by a visionary founder and veteran leadership

of relevant healthcare, finance and technology experiences to transform and bring about our new promise on healthy living

Our Mission

Empowering individuals to live life more abundantly through Fin-MedTech enabled personalised, predictive, and preventive medicine.

Our Vision

To be the leading Fin-MedTech company providing the best healthcare and wellness services in Singapore and beyond.

Did you know that in Singapore...

Healthcare Spending

is expected to TRIPLE in costs to S$59 billion

1 in 4

Singaporeans will be
aged 65 & above

by the year 2030?

Sources: DBS Bank Limited (2016); Straits Times (2019)

Chronic Diseases

accounted for 83% of ALL DEATHS?

Fatty Liver Disease

is prevalent among 1 in 4 of our population AND RISING?


is predicted to affect 1 in 3 Singaporeans in their lifetimes?

SourcesWorld Health Organisation (2002); Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics (2020); Ministry of Health (2018)

is medicine
The GOOD NEWS is that typically more than 80% of these chronic diseases can be PREVENTED with early lifestyle intervention, through nutritional healthy diet and regular functional exercises.

New promise on healthy living

At iHG, we integrate financial, medical and digital transformation technologies into the 3 care pillars of medical, functional and nutritional domains.

The outcome is 3P Medicine that provides users personalised healthcare pathways based on their health goals & genetic makeup, predicting the earliest signs of health risks when it’s most reversible via Machine Learning, and preventing future health risks with Artificial Intelligence in clinical & internet of medical things (IoMT) diagnostics.

Aligning with Ministry of Health’s 3 Beyonds Strategy:

   ‣ Beyond Healthcare to Health

   ‣ Beyond Hospital to Community

   ‣ Beyond Quality to Value


Live Well


Eat Well


Work Well


More personalised healthcare pathways, based on users' genetic makeup, that will mitigate and recognise the earliest signs of future health & genetic risks when it's most reversible.


Providing a focus on preventive care where Functional Exercise and Nutrition are now also medicine — the game changers.


Using technology as an enabler through Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Medical Things for insightful and actionable data analysis.

iHG 3P Fin-MedTech Platform

Harnessing the power of real-time feedback loop for behavioural modification

New Promise on Healthcare.


Live Well


Work Well


Eat Well

Everyday, we push the boundaries of technology
to transform and innovate healthcare outcomes.

A seamless fusion of financial & medical technologies

Everyday, we push the boundaries of technology to transform and innovate healthcare outcomes.

Smart Clinic & Patient Management

Transformation of doctors to the forefront of digitalisation and realise their best clinical, financial and operational outcomes

Corporate Wellness Benefits Engagement

For employers to cultivate a healthier and more motivated workforce

Digital Health Wallet & Virtual Health Card

Facilitate efficient payments for iHG products and services and create customer stickiness

Digital Networked Pharmacies

(coming soon)

For inventory and logistics automation and R&D, for better diagnostic and treatment pathways

Our Presence

Our Presence

Sembawang Mart & Montreal

Sembawang Mart Medical Centre
511 Canberra Road, #02-02A, Sembawang Mart, Singapore 750511

Novena Specialist Centre

Integrated Wellness Clinic
8 Sinaran Drive, #05-04, Novena Specialist Centre, Singapore 307470


Sengkang Family Clinic
274D Compassvale Bow, #01-01, Singapore 544274

Changi Business Park

Coming Soon

Heartbeat @ Bedok

Coming Soon

Latest News

Singapore, 19 October 2023 – iAPPS Health Group (iHG), a leading Fin-MedTech company, introduced an innovative solution to transform healthcare accessibility at

(Left to right) iHG CEO Lilian Koh, iHG Chairman Dr. Lam Pin Min, iHG Board Director Ivan Khua, HLE Director Jason Ke.

(Left to right) iHG CTO Sam Koh, iHG CEO Lilian Koh, iHG Chairman Dr. Lam Pin Min, DPM Heng Swee Keat, iHG

We are pleased to announce and would cordially like to invite you to the Official Opening of 1doc Medical Centre by iAPPS

We are happy to announce the joint collaboration of  Chung Hwa Medical Institution & iAPPS Health Group within Heartbeat@Bedok in promoting East-meet-West in medical

Singapore, April 24, 2022 — iAPPS Health Group (“iHG”) celebrated the grand opening of its first 5G Clinic at Changi Business Park,

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