Official Opening of 1doc Medical Centre, [email protected] by iAPPS Health Group (Saturday, 1 October 2022)

We are pleased to announce and would cordially like to invite you to the Official Opening of 1doc Medical Centre by iAPPS Health Group within [email protected], complementing East-meets-West practice in medical science, personalised medicine and curated healthy eating active living, nutrition science and exercise, all in 1 location!

Date: Saturday, 1 October 2022
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Location: 11 Bedok North Street 1, #01-11/12 [email protected], Singapore 469662
Guest of Honour: Mr Tan Kiat How (Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information & Ministry of National Development; Member of Parliament for East Coast GRC)

Events Schedule:
2:00pm – Arrival of Guests & Media
3:00pm – Arrival of Guest-of-Honour, Mr Tan Kiat How
3:05pm – Emcee’s Welcome
3:10pm – Welcome Address by Dr Lam Pin Min (Chairman, iAPPS Health Group)
3:15pm – Speech by Guest-of-Honour, Mr Tan Kiat How
3:20pm – Unveiling of Commemorative Plaque & Photo-taking
3:30pm – Tour of 1doc Medical Centre [email protected]
4:00pm – End of Event


Contact Person(s):
Marcus Foo, [email protected]
Vanessa Tay, [email protected]

*Kindly confirm your attendance here –

About 1doc Medical Centre [email protected]

An integrated healthcare centre serving the residents of East Coast GRC and beyond,
with services centred around the 3 pillars of care: Medicine, Fitness, and Nutrition. 1doc Medical Centre [email protected] services includes:

a) MEDICAL (EAST): 1doc TCM – offering Traditional Chinese Medicine outpatient and treatment services, collaborating with Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution.

b) MEDICAL (WEST): 1doc Medical Centre – offering Family Medicine, Health Screening and Health Optimisation services.

c) FITNESS: 1doc Ace Physio – offering Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation/Prehabilitation services.

d) NUTRITION: 1doc Bistro – a healthy-food Bistro featuring a menu that’s doctor-led and dietician curated, enabled by HPB-approved nBuddy lifestyle management solution.

1doc Medical Centre [email protected] aims to advance management of our patients’ holistic lifestyle in active living across Eastern and Western medicine, aligning with the Ministry of Health’s Healthier SG initiative. We aim to help patients achieve a “Healthier You”, backed by our concept of Personalised, Predictive and Preventive Medicine, where Family Medicine is delivered based on personalised, patient-centered health optimisation plans, and our evidenced-based approach to screening to predict the earliest signs of health risks.

About iAPPS Health Group (iHG)

iHG offers a Personalised, Predictive, and Preventive Medicine (3P Medicine) approach to wellness through a digital wallet and virtual health card all on a single platform. This translates to empowering positive behavioural changes through data-driven innovation that curates real-time interventions to help one achieve a better quality-of-life.

At iHG, we integrate financial, medical and digital transformation technologies into the 3 care pillars of medical, functional and nutritional domains.

The outcome of 3P Medicine is to provide users personalised healthcare pathways
based on their health goals & genetic makeup, predicting the earliest signs of health risks when it’s most reversible via Machine Learning, and preventing future health risks with Artificial Intelligence in clinical & internet of medical things (IoMT) diagnostics.

We utilise the application nBuddy to log one’s daily meals and physical activities and
monitor one’s health parameters. One can also access our professional line of support, connect with health professionals, and receive essential nutritional and health advice – anytime, anywhere.

iAPPS Health Group’s Philosophy:
Aligning with Ministry of Health’s 3 Beyonds Strategy:
‣ Beyond Healthcare to Health
‣ Beyond Hospital to Community
‣ Beyond Quality to Value

About [email protected]

Conceptualised as a town-level community avenue to meet the changing lifestyle needs of East Coast residents, [email protected]’s mission statement is to help residents develop active, healthy, creative, learning and forward-looking lifestyles through resident and community-centric programming.
[email protected] partners the co-located agencies namely, Sport Singapore, People’s Association (Kampong Chai Chee Constituency Office), SingHealth Polyclinics, National Library Board and NTUC Health Day Care Centre for Seniors as well as other community partners to drive regular integrated programmes. The co-location of the various agencies within the community building generates synergy of operations and promotes creative cross-programming, with the aim of achieving wider community outreach and resident engagement, for the betterment of residents in East Coast.

About Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution

Managed by Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution, 1doc TCM [email protected] focuses on the specific medical condition as well as the overall wellness of each and every individual. The team of licensed physicians will provide a series of treatments to address each individual’s condition and unique body constitution, aiming to stimulate the body’s natural healing potential and bringing the body’s internal biological balance back to normal.

TCM Internal Medicine, TCM Pediatrics, TCM Gynaecology & Infertility, Pain Management and TCM Wellness are some of the services provided at 1doc TCM [email protected]

TCM treatments like Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Micropuncture (Bloodletting/Pricking), Tui Na, Cupping, Scrapping, Pediatric Tui Na, Herbal Bandage/Plaster are also available.

Community Partnerships

iAPPS Health Group has been exploring community partnership opportunities to support the residents’ health and wellness journey such as a pilot collaboration to refer patients to Active Health Fitness and Health Assessment, and Exercise-is-Medicine based programmes for medically-at risk individuals.

About Active Health

An initiative by Sport Singapore, Active Health is the national social movement for health and wellness that seeks to empower and motivate individuals to take ownership of their health and well-being and to build strong social bonds and support through shared experiences. Active Health aims to shift the mind-set of Singaporeans from a “problem-solving mode” of seeking treatment only when in ill-health towards an “aspiration-mode” of active living by providing everyone with the ability to aspire towards health and wellness by engaging in quality experiences of sports, physical activities and programmes with their family, friends and the community, supported by a holistic suite of Active Health Labs, Spaces, Coaches, assessment tools, workshops and engagement solutions for all fitness levels and life stages.

Further Enquiries
Should you require anything further, please do not hesitate to contact Marcus Foo
([email protected]) or Vanessa Tay ([email protected]).

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iAPPS Health Group announces collaboration with Chung Hwa Medical Institution at [email protected]

We are happy to announce the joint collaboration of  Chung Hwa Medical Institution & iAPPS Health Group within [email protected] in promoting East-meet-West in medical science.

This will advance the holistic management of our patients in terms of medical science research in the Western and Chinese field of medicine.

In modern medicine, one of the best approaches is a use of combination therapy incorporating Western medicine to alleviate current symptoms and using Chinese medicine to address the root cause of the disease as well as preventing disease reoccurrence. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), includes hot cupping, acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine and nutraceutical medicine.  TCM diagnoses through the observation of symptoms and appearances such as the eyes, skin and tongue colour as well as the pulse of the patient.  It then seeks to address the overall systemic problem as a whole with a focus on treatment and preventing any potential adverse effects from the treatment.

Western medicine includes surgery and most commonly the use of pharmaceutical drugs. 

Western medicine treats one’s symptoms and target organ as isolated from the rest of the body, instead of as one whole interconnected system. In addition, Western medicine provides diagnosis through laboratory testing with a focus on eliminating symptoms whilst achieving a cure.

[email protected]

[email protected] is conceptualised as a town-level community avenue to meet the changing lifestyle needs of over 290,000 Bedok residents. Its mission statement is to help residents develop active, healthy, creative, learning and forward-looking lifestyles through resident and community-centric programming.

The Management Office partners co-located agencies namely, Sport Singapore, People’s Association (Kampong Chai Chee Constituency Office), SingHealth Polyclinics, National Library Board and NTUC Silver Circle as well as external agencies such as Health Promotion Board to drive regular sports and wellness integrated programmes. The co-location of the various agencies within the community building generates synergy of operations and promotes creative cross-programming, with the aim of achieving wider community outreach and resident engagement, for the betterment of residents in Bedok and East Coast.

Background of Chung Hwa Medical Institution 

The Former Life of Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution—Establishment of the Chung Hwa Free Clinic (1952)

In view of the poor state of Singapore’s post-war health care facilities, the SCPA believed that besides establishing academic TCM and promoting TCM to the masses, it was necessary to establish a TCM organisation that offered free TCM consultation, which would not only help the needy and poor and serve the community better, but also serve as a venue to study large patient groups. Hence, the SCPA, with the strong support from members of the public, set up the “Chung Hwa Free Clinic” in 1952, and started seeing its first patients on 17th March 1952. 

Singapore Chung Hwa Medical Institution has undergone 50 years of ups and downs, successes and failures, under the direction of SCPA’s council members and boards of directors, the spirit of promoting and expanding TCM in Singapore was upheld. With the constant improvements made to the facilities and computer systems and improve service quality standards.

Comments from Chung Hwa Medical Institution CEO: “We are pleased to be in collaboration with IHG to further our advances of Chinese medicine into the new arena of western medicine. This will allow us to combine both western and Chinese medicine”.

Background of iAPPS Health Group

iAPPS Health Group offers a  Personalised, Predictive, and Preventive Medicine through a digital wallet and virtual health card all on a single platform. This translates to empowering positive behavioural changes through  data-driven innovation that curates real-time interventions to help one  achieve a better quality-of-life. 

At iHG, we integrate financial, medical and digital transformation technologies into the 3 care pillars of medicalfunctional and nutritional domains.

The outcome of 3P Medicine is to provide users personalised healthcare pathways based on their health goals & genetic makeup, predicting the earliest signs of health risks when it’s most reversible via Machine Learning, and preventing future health risks with Artificial Intelligence in clinical & internet of medical things (IoMT) diagnostics.

We utilise  the application  nBuddy to log one’s daily meals and physical activities and monitor one’s health parameters. One can also access our professional line of support, connect with health professionals, and receive essential nutritional and health advice – anytime, anywhere.

Aligning with Ministry of Health’s 3 Beyonds Strategy:

 Beyond Healthcare to Health

 Beyond Hospital to Community

 Beyond Quality to Value

Comments from Dr Lam Pin Min:

“This collaboration brings together infinite possibilities of how a five thousand year old eastern medicine can value add to our western medicine in curing the person in a holistic way. Food is also medicine, what you eat is what you are. Therefore, with the use of nbuddy, this will help you improve your lifestyle in achieving a healthier you. We aspire to combine the ideologist of two diverse medicine disciplines in achieving the outcome of 3P medicine which is in line with our Ministry of Health’s 3 beyond strategy”.

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iAPPS Health Group Chairman Dr. Lam Pin Min officiates grand opening of 1doc Medical Centre at Changi Business Park

Singapore, April 24, 2022 — iAPPS Health Group (“iHG”) celebrated the grand opening of its first 5G Clinic at Changi Business Park, 1doc Medical Centre on Sunday morning.

Officiated by Dr. Lam Pin Min, the grand opening was commemorated by an official ribbon cutting ceremony and witnessed by 50 guests which include Mapletree Head of Marketing Ms Chng Siok Khim, various stakeholders, medical advisors, as well as iAPPS staff and family members.

Aligning with the iHG vision, 1doc Medical Centre aims to promote a “Healthier You” through its 3P Medicine — personalized, preventative and predictive — methodology with the 3 pillars of its HOPE program of: Medicine, Fitness and Nutrition.

The opening of the clinic also falls in line with MOH-led strategy of “Healthier SG”.

As highlighted by Dr. Lam Pin Min in his opening remarks: “In iHG, we believe in working upstream in keeping oneself healthy and regular health screening to pick up diseases early so that we can prevent deterioration of the medical conditions.”

“The 3 pillars of our specialty HOPE program — Medicine, Fitness and Nutrition — therefore, subscribe to the objectives of the Healthier SG strategy.”

Care Pillar: Fitness

As part of the grand opening, guests embarked on a 1.5km walk and jog around Changi Business Park, clocking an average of about 2,000 steps.

“Fitness is the condition of being physically strong and healthy,” said Dr. Lam on the significance of the walk. “Through this symbolic walk, we hope to cultivate healthy habits and a mindset of regular exercise.

Care Pillar: Nutrition

Upon the completion of the walk, food specially prepared by the 1doc Chef was provided to the guests — a healthier version of the well-loved local Nasi Lemak dish.

“Nutrition by definition is the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth. Harvesting our fresh produce grown locally at Abyfarm, we are able to deliver a farm to table concept of delicious cuisines prepared by our chef under the nutritional guidance from our dietitian,” said Dr. Lam.

Care Pillar: Medicine

The team of passionate physicians at 1doc Medical Centre practice with the state of the art technology and up to date evidence-based medicine in delivering efficient and effective clinical care to patients.

1doc Medical Centre, a 5G Clinic

Following the ribbon cutting ceremony, guests were brought on a tour of the clinic, led by iHG’s team of physicians: Dr. Chrystal Fong, Dr. Toh Mei Ling, and Dr. Lam Wai Khin.

Guests got to experience a patient’s journey with a demonstration of the 1doc app, from appointment booking to reviewing of their results. They were then briefed on the services available at 1doc Medical Centre, which include medical and dietitian services. As the clinic specializes in health screenings, guests got to learn about some of the tests and measurement options included in the health screening packages.

Finally, they were introduced to HEAL with HOPE, where HEAL refers to Healthy Eating, Active Life, and HOPE refers to the clinic’s Health Optimization Program Experience. In this segment, participants were given insight on how food choices and activity levels can impact their health.

1doc Medical Centre Open House

As part of our grand opening, 1doc Medical Centre will be holding an open house on Wednesday, 11th of May. Spend your lunchtime with 1doc and find out first-hand what our clinic is all about.

As the event is held during lunchtime, food will be provided to all attendees.

Date: Wed, 11 May 2022

Time: 11:30AM – 2:00 PM

RSVP by 30 April to pre-book a slot! Lunch is provided.

Slots available for pre-booking (45 minutes):

– 11:30am to 12:15pm

– 12:15pm to 1:00pm

– 1:00pm to 1:45pm

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Control Diabetes before it controls you

This article is adapted and translated from Lian He Zao Bao. Originally written by Kang Xiu Jin.

Being overweight or obese can worsen diabetes and make blood sugars hard to control. Doctors recommend that patients keep Hba1c levels under 7% (iStock Pictures)

Diabetes can be managed by leading a healthy lifestyle, adhering to healthy dietary patterns, a healthy diet and regular exercise. Adults under 40 years old should also complete an online diabetes risk assessment to determine if they are at risk of diabetes.

Common Questions on Diabetes

Is diabetes a disease only for the elderly?

Must you lose weight in order to control diabetes?


I believe that excessive bodyweight is one of the main factors in Singapore’s rise in pravelence of diabetes mellitus. 40-50% of the adult population are obese or overweight. Apart from lack of exercise, and sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy dietary patterns and social pressure from friends are factors that contribute to the rise in excessive body fat.

That’s why diabetes can affect both young and elderly. In the case of Type 2 diabetes, prevalence increases with age due to the increased insulin resistance and impaired pancreatic functions associated with age.

The National Health survey done in 2010 (NHS 2010) reported that 12.3% of Singaporean males and 10.4% of females are likely to develop diabetes. However, this does not mean that ladies less at risk compared to males and can ignore the warning signs.

Diabetes is still a serious chronic illness that can potentially affect one’s heart, blood vessels, kidney, legs and eyes, so do not treat it lightly. With a healthy lifestyle, proper diet and frequent exercise, diabetes can be controlled and potentially be prevented.

I would like to emphasise that you should control diabetes before it controls you!

Cytokine blocks body signal to intake Insulin

It is undeniable that excessive body weight  will worsen diabetes and make it harder to control blood sugar. Adipose tissue in people with excessive body fat are stressed as they  are required to process excessive nutrients inflammation which releases pro-inflammatory cytokines. These pro-inflammatory cytokines are associated with insulin resistance which can lead to the development of diabetes.

Furthermore, being overweight and obese increases the risk of complications such as heart disease, kidney problems, stroke and other related problems that affects one’s lifestyle. Therefore, achieving a healthy body weight will definitely improve  one’s health. A study in Finland reported that losing weight has reduced the risks of diabetes in people by 58%.

Many believe that Type 2 diabetes will definitely show some early symptoms first. Although many early-stage patients appear with early symptoms such as frequent urination, often feeling thirsty and tired. However, there are many more that do not suffer from early stage symptoms when they were diagnosed with diabetes, which is the reason for encouraging people above 40 to do a physical check with a doctor.

For those of age below 40years old, an online check will be more than sufficient to know one’s risk of being diagnosed with diabetes.

Living a healthy lifestyle using mobile applications

I often say, if one is to want to effectively achieve control diabetes, they need to start with building sustainable healthy lifestyle habits, here are a few suggestions:

  • Using “nBuddy Diabetes” app to record your daily intake of food
  • Ensure every day’s calorie intake is healthy and limit intake of sugar
  • Choosing “nBuddy Diabetes” app function, choosing a healthy diet of food with a green thumbs up and have not more than 2 times of “red meat” a week.
  • Go for a walk 4 times a week, starting with 3,000 steps at the beginning and slowly increase  10,000  steps.
  • Weigh yourself twice a week (best to be Wednesdays and Sundays)
  • Check your blood sugar levels twice a week

Walking is a physical activity that everyone can do anytime, anywhere. Thus it is a highly recommended activity for those diagnosed with diabetes. The recommendation would be to go for a walk 30 minutes daily, 5 times a week.  This exercise can ay, for example, splitting the 30minutes a day into 10 minutes 3 times in a day.

NUH’s “nBuddy Diabetes” app shows that frequent users of the app are likely to benefit from positive health outcomes.  Users that record their food intake daily are able to lose 6 to 8kg in overall body weight, far exceeding other users’ results when they only record their intake once a week. As for users that are able to follow the app’s instructions and limit carbohydrate intake on 6 days of the  week, they reported better long term glycemic control with lowered Hba1cPeople diagnosed with diabetes are also advised to check their Hba1c levels once every 3 months,with  normal levels range around 5% to 6%, and diabetic people should aim to have their haemoglobin level below 7%.

Sustainable lifestyle habits have been found to be dependent on the diabetes diagnosed person’s calorie and carbohydrate intake. Providing personalised dietary intake advice via mobile applications will assist  diabetics to adopt a healthy lifestyle. For example, choosing wholegrains instead of refined grains. . When dining outside, adhere to the Health Promotion Board’s “My Healthy plate” of half a plate of vegetables, a quarter plate of protein and carbohydrates each.

With the current epidemic, local medical services are heavily affected. From another perspective, this is a chance for medical professionals to adopt remote treatment for patients with chronic illnesses like diabetes. For example, usage of medically approved mobile apps, helping patients to be self-monitor and change their lifestyle habits and dietary intake on their own.

Skinny diabetes

Many believe  that only overweight or obese people can be diagnosed with diabetes, however this is untrue  For those that have successfully lost weight and can managecontrolling their blood sugars, they still have diabetes. Should they re-adopt back unhealthy lifestyle practices, the blood sugar level will rise uncontrollably leading to ketosis which results in tremendous weight loss. Other may experience rapid weight loss not due to healthy balanced diet but rather as a result of underlying chronic illness affecting their appetite , causing them to unintended weight loss.

About 10% to 15% of people with type 2 diabetes are within a healthy weight range. We call it “lean diabetes”, and it is a “mixture” of type 1 or type 2 diabetes, meaning the body doesn’t produce enough insulin.

Early lessons for children to adopt healthy eating habits

For those with a healthy weight but still diagnosed with diabetes, your skeletal muscles may have accumulated a dangerous amount of fats. 

Family history of diabetes is one of the biggest risk of diabetes, however the bigger problem  lies within one’s dietary habits. Therefore, those diagnosed with diabetes or a family history of diabetes, should bring up their kids with the right dietary intake and a healthy amount of exercise from young, reducing unhealthy lifestyle choices, such as refusing to eat vegetables or not wanting to exercise, etc.

Therefore, I recommend that people with diabetes or a family history of diabetes should raise their children not only to eat healthy and exercise from an early age but to avoid unhealthy dietary practice and sedentary lifestyles. 

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How effective are mobile applications in assisting with better lifestyle choices?

Landmark studies have shown that lifestyle interventions focusing on weight loss, dietary modification  and physical activities are able to prevent progression of diabetes. Although this is the case, the widespread implementation will be hindered due to a few limitations. In-person coaching for large areas lacks manpower, is time-consuming and very costly.

Smartphone app-based lifestyle intervention programmes are the focus of the solutions, but how effective can they be?

D’LITE Study research 

Well, according to the Diabetes Lifestyle Intervention using Technology Empowerment (D’LITE) studies where 2 groups of adults tried out 2 different programs for 6months. 148 total Adults with prediabetes were randomly allocated into 2 groups, 1 empowered by self-monitoring features of the Nutritionist Buddy Diabetes app (nBuddy Diabetes) with in-app dietician coaching for 6 months and the other group receiving standard diet counselling at baseline.

Results from the D’LITE Intervention shows that the group using the nBuddy Diabetes App were able to achieve a significantly greater weight loss, corresponding to weight loss percentage 5.2% vs 1.5% (P<0.001) with a moderate Cohen d effect size, as compared to the control group at the 6th month. The same group also has significantly reduced calorie, carbohydrate, sugar, total fat and saturated fat intake post-intervention.

Mobile health applications prove some effect

Smartphone app-based lifestyle programme with in-app dietitian health coaching can lead to clinically significant weight loss and improved glycemia and can potentially improve the prevention of diabetes among an Asian multi-ethnic population. 

Trajectory from pre-diabetes towards type 2 diabetes can be altered by weight loss through lifestyle interventions. Landmark studies have established that interventions focusing on weight loss, diet modification and physical activity can prevent diabetes progression. Widespread implementation of traditional face-to-face diabetes prevention efforts is limited by low uptake, high attrition and withdrawal rates

To read up more on the study done:

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Singapore’s obesity rate is at its highest since 2010. How can we take action to combat this?

As reported by CNA, MOH is urging the public to exercise and adopt healthier diets as a way to fight against obesity.

Among iAPPS Health Group’s suite of offerings is nBuddy, a lifestyle management application that strives to promote sustainable weight management and chronic disease management via positive behavioural change that is facilitated through our mobile app. 

Browse through the images below to see how nBuddy’s app features can be used to help you adopt a healthier diet

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Pre-departure Tests for Travellers during COVID-19 times

Photo: Unsplash / Mufid Majnun

Travelling out of Singapore? ✈️

Some countries require you to test negative on a PCR or ART Test prior to your departure! Testing requirements for destination countries can usually be found through their respective Embassy websites.

i-wellness, a member of iAPPS Health Group, is one of the healthcare providers approved by Ministry of Health Singapore to provide Health Certs for Pre-Departure PCR Tests.

Clinic Information

Integrated Wellness Clinic Pte Ltd
8 Sinaran Drive #05-04
Novena Specialist Center
Singapore 307470

Phone: 62507623

Email: [email protected]

Operating Hours:
Monday – Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Testing Window

For latest information, please refer to the Safetravel website

PCR tests are to be taken 48–72 hours before your scheduled flight, depending on destination. Please allocate sufficient time to do the tests and receive your test results before your departure. Travellers are responsible for checking the testing window requirements of their travel destination before scheduling their appointment.

Test Results

Your COVID-19 test results will be sent via email and reflected in your HealthHub app and TraceTogether app within 24 – 36 hours. You are advised to print this for easy reference during your travel.

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Home Recovery Programme – What to expect if you test positive for COVID-19 in Singapore

Living with COVID-19 in Singapore

So you’ve tested positive for COVID-19. What do you do next?

In Singapore, Home Recovery Programme (HRP) is the default care arrangement for everyone who tests positive for COVID-19, except for:

  • Partially or unvaccinated persons aged 50 years & older;
  • Vaccinated persons aged 80 years & older;
  • Children aged less than 3 months old;
  • Children aged 3 months to less than 3 years old assessed to be clinically unsuitable for home recovery

If you fall into one of the aforementioned categories, you will receive a call from Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) to schedule your transfer to an appropriate care facility.

Otherwise, read our infographic below to find out what you can expect if you are put under HRP:

HeartVoice, a member of iAPPS Health Group, is one of the telemedicine providers approved to support MOH in the HRP.

For medical issues, individuals under HRP may contact a Telemed doctor at, where a doctor will be assigned to to speak with them via teleconsult.

For non-medical issues, individuals may speak with a Home Recovery Buddy at 6874 4939.

For more information on how to navigate living with COVID-19 as we move into an endemic, please visit

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Frequently Asked Questions on our Health Alliance Network

How can my clinic benefit from joining iAPPS Health Group's Health Alliance Network?

Your clinic can benefit from:
Going Digital
  • Enjoy fairer returns for your services with full control over your clinic offerings
  • Pay minimal service fees as iHG charges only 10% for each successful transaction within our platform
  • Provide support for cashless payments to your patients through seamless e-wallet functionalities
  • Reduce inventory costs through group purchases, as part of an interconnected network of providers (pharmacy network)
  • Offer teleconsultation and RPM services via our telehealth platform & enjoy an 80% subsidy from IMDA

  • Gaining Exposure
  • Equip yourself with the opportunity to be accredited with iHG’s SG Good Doctor Trustmark, regulated by our esteemed medical advisory board
  • Receive invitations to participate in campaigns & expand your patient base and outreach through our corporate events
  • Provide accessible distribution and self collection points islandwide for your patients through our digital networked pharmacy
  • Feature your products & services on iHG's in-app e-commerce marketplace, created for our consumer's everyday healthcare needs
  • Are you a Third Party Administrator?

    iAPPS Health Group is NOT a Third Party Administrator.

    We operate a digital payment platform licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) which aims to digitalise payment services for the healthcare industry.

    Our platform, 1Doc, provides clinics under our Health Alliance Network with the capabilities to provide support for cashless payments to patients, through our digital payment functionalities. We will also provide an in-app teleconsultation platform and e-commerce marketplace, where clinics can feature and sell medical products.

    1Doc also partners with corporates to provide an e-wallet solution which can be used to allocate Health Dollars (flexi benefits) to their employees.

    Is it really free?

    Onboarding is free, at zero cost to you.

    iAPPS Health Group only charges a 10% digital payment fee on all transactions made via 1Doc.

    Rest assured that you and your clinic will get fairer returns for your services if you use our platform, as compared to Third Party Administrators.

    After the funds are instantly credited into my business wallet, can I withdraw from my wallet to my corporate bank account by providing iHG with the instructions?

    For now, withdrawal to corporate bank account is manually processed by finance; therefore, we will act upon receiving the instruction.

    We are also working on integration with our bank that allows the clinic to submit the transfer instructions and similarly to a bank, if it's submitted by FAST, it will be instantly credited, otherwise it will take 2 days if it's via Giro.
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    Get vaccinated for free* in Singapore, Sinovac included

    *Except for patients who have taken 2 doses Pfizer/Moderna and did not have any allergic reactions. Patients in this category will have to self-pay at S$73 per dose. Short-term visit pass holders and tourists are not eligible to get vaccinated in Singapore.

    Individuals who have already taken their first 2 doses will have to take their booster shot 3 months after, or by 31 December, in order to be considered fully vaccinated.

    Please ensure your booster appointment is at least 3 months from your 2nd dose of Sinovac/Sinopharm vaccine or 6 months from your 2nd Pfizer/Moderna vaccine.

    Who can get vaccinated for free under Singapore’s National Vaccination Drive?

    Singapore’s Ministry of Health covers vaccination costs for all Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and other long-term residents.

    Long-term residents include employment pass, S-Pass and work permit holders, foreign domestic workers, dependent pass, long-term visit pass and student pass holders. It does not include short-term visit pass holders and tourists. 

    Short-term visit pass holders and tourists are not eligible to get vaccinated in Singapore.

    Get 3 doses of Sinovac for free.

    For unvaccinated individuals, you can now book your appointment to take all 3 doses of Sinovac at i-wellness Clinic in Novena.

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