Home Recovery Programme – What to expect if you test positive for COVID-19 in Singapore

Living with COVID-19 in Singapore

So you’ve tested positive for COVID-19. What do you do next?

In Singapore, Home Recovery Programme (HRP) is the default care arrangement for everyone who tests positive for COVID-19, except for:

  • Partially or unvaccinated persons aged 50 years & older;
  • Vaccinated persons aged 80 years & older;
  • Children aged less than 3 months old;
  • Children aged 3 months to less than 3 years old assessed to be clinically unsuitable for home recovery

If you fall into one of the aforementioned categories, you will receive a call from Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MOH) to schedule your transfer to an appropriate care facility.

Otherwise, read our infographic below to find out what you can expect if you are put under HRP:

HeartVoice, a member of iAPPS Health Group, is one of the telemedicine providers approved to support MOH in the HRP.

For medical issues, individuals under HRP may contact a Telemed doctor at go.gov.sg/telemedicineproviders, where a doctor will be assigned to to speak with them via teleconsult.

For non-medical issues, individuals may speak with a Home Recovery Buddy at 6874 4939.

For more information on how to navigate living with COVID-19 as we move into an endemic, please visit covid.gov.sg.

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Frequently Asked Questions on our Health Alliance Network

How can my clinic benefit from joining iAPPS Health Group's Health Alliance Network?

Your clinic can benefit from:
Going Digital
  • Enjoy fairer returns for your services with full control over your clinic offerings
  • Pay minimal service fees as iHG charges only 10% for each successful transaction within our platform
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  • Gaining Exposure
  • Equip yourself with the opportunity to be accredited with iHG’s SG Good Doctor Trustmark, regulated by our esteemed medical advisory board
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  • Provide accessible distribution and self collection points islandwide for your patients through our digital networked pharmacy
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  • Are you a Third Party Administrator?

    iAPPS Health Group is NOT a Third Party Administrator.

    We operate a digital payment platform licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) which aims to digitalise payment services for the healthcare industry.

    Our platform, 1Doc, provides clinics under our Health Alliance Network with the capabilities to provide support for cashless payments to patients, through our digital payment functionalities. We will also provide an in-app teleconsultation platform and e-commerce marketplace, where clinics can feature and sell medical products.

    1Doc also partners with corporates to provide an e-wallet solution which can be used to allocate Health Dollars (flexi benefits) to their employees.

    Is it really free?

    Onboarding is free, at zero cost to you.

    iAPPS Health Group only charges a 10% digital payment fee on all transactions made via 1Doc.

    Rest assured that you and your clinic will get fairer returns for your services if you use our platform, as compared to Third Party Administrators.

    After the funds are instantly credited into my business wallet, can I withdraw from my wallet to my corporate bank account by providing iHG with the instructions?

    For now, withdrawal to corporate bank account is manually processed by finance; therefore, we will act upon receiving the instruction.

    We are also working on integration with our bank that allows the clinic to submit the transfer instructions and similarly to a bank, if it's submitted by FAST, it will be instantly credited, otherwise it will take 2 days if it's via Giro.
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    Get vaccinated for free* in Singapore, Sinovac included

    *Except for patients who have taken 2 doses Pfizer/Moderna and did not have any allergic reactions. Patients in this category will have to self-pay at S$73 per dose. Short-term visit pass holders and tourists are not eligible to get vaccinated in Singapore.

    Individuals who have already taken their first 2 doses will have to take their booster shot 3 months after, or by 31 December, in order to be considered fully vaccinated.

    Please ensure your booster appointment is at least 3 months from your 2nd dose of Sinovac/Sinopharm vaccine or 6 months from your 2nd Pfizer/Moderna vaccine.

    Who can get vaccinated for free under Singapore’s National Vaccination Drive?

    Singapore’s Ministry of Health covers vaccination costs for all Singapore Citizens, Permanent Residents and other long-term residents.

    Long-term residents include employment pass, S-Pass and work permit holders, foreign domestic workers, dependent pass, long-term visit pass and student pass holders. It does not include short-term visit pass holders and tourists. 

    Short-term visit pass holders and tourists are not eligible to get vaccinated in Singapore.

    Get 3 doses of Sinovac for free.

    For unvaccinated individuals, you can now book your appointment to take all 3 doses of Sinovac at i-wellness Clinic in Novena.

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    Join iAPPS Health Group’s Health Alliance Network

    Singapore is a rapidly aging society, with healthcare costs expected to rise and escalate over the next decade. At iAPPS Health Group, we’re committed to improving the process within the healthcare system by leveraging on financial, medical and digital transformation technologies to develop an all-in-one unified platform for providers, businesses, and individuals alike.

    This is an open invitation to all health and wellness providers in Singapore to be part of our Health Alliance Network. Learn how you can benefit by watching this video message from our chairman, Dr Lam Pin Min, Former Senior Minister of State for Health.

    As a member of our Health Alliance Network, you will be presented with opportunities to Go Digital and Gain Exposure, enabled by our integrated payments platform — powered by iAPPS technology.

    Together, we can work towards better managing these challenges to come, whilst providing world class medical service to our patients.

    Want to find out more? Click the button below, fill up the form, and a representative from iHG will be in touch with you soon!

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    Enjoy quarantine-free travel to 11 countries approved under Singapore’s Vaccinated Travel Lane!

    (Updated as of October 19, 2021)

    Planning to take a flight somewhere via the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) soon? ✈️ Don’t forget to check your destination country’s requirements for Pre-departure Swab testing!

    What are the 11 countries approved under Singapore’s Vaccinated Travel Lane?

    🇩🇪🇧🇳 Germany & Brunei
    Since September 8, 2021

    🇨🇦🇩🇰🇫🇷🇮🇹🇳🇱🇪🇸🇬🇧🇺🇸 Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK, & USA
    From October 19, 2021

    🇰🇷 South Korea
    From November 15, 2021

    What are some countries that require Pre-departure PCR Tests?

    As of 19 October, 2021, these are the countries require you to take a Pre-departure PCR Swab Test and test negative before your scheduled fight:

    • Canada (within 72 hours prior to scheduled departure)
    • Italy (within 72 hours prior to scheduled departure)
    • South Korea (within 72 hours prior to scheduled departure)
    • United States (within 72 hours prior to scheduled departure) 

    Where can I take Pre-departure PCR Tests?

    Pre-departure PCR Tests are available at i-wellness@HeartVoice, a member of iAPPS Health Group.

    Pre-departure PCR Tests at i-wellness@HeartVoice cost S$160 each (for All destinations, except for China – S$200).

    Do I still need to take Pre-departure PCR Tests, even with countries under the VTL?

    While travellers get to enjoy quarantine-free travel under VTL, certain countries require for travellers to test negative on a Pre-departure PCR Swab Test within 72 hours prior to their scheduled departure. 

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    Book Sinovac-Coronovac COVID-19 Vaccine for your 3rd dose

    For those who completed their vaccination regime at least 6 months (180 days) ago, you can now book an appointment to have Sinovac administered as your 3rd dose at the i-wellness Clinic, a member of iAPPS Health Group (available on a first-come, first-serve basis).

    Can I take Sinovac for my 3rd dose, if I initially took another type of Vaccine?

    👍🏻 Sinovac is available for any individual who has completed their first 2 doses of any approved vaccine

    ⌛ 3rd doses for Sinovac is recommended to be taken after 180 days or 6 months from your 2nd dose

    🩺 Limited slots for Sinovac are available for booking at the i-wellness clinic

    Who can take Sinovac-Coronavac COVID-19 vaccines?

    💉 What is Sinovac?: Inactivated virus COVID-19 vaccine developed by Chinese company, Sinovac Biotech

    🏥 Approved by the World Health Organization (WHO): Validated for emergency use, meeting international standards for safety, efficacy and manufacturing

    👍🏼 Vaccine efficacy according to WHO: Prevented symptomatic disease in 51% of those vaccinated, and prevented severe COVID-19 and hospitalization in 100% of studied population

    👩🏻 WHO recommends it for: Adults 18 years and older

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    Featured on CNA938: Could smartphone-based apps like nBuddy be effective in controlling diabetes?

    The first lifestyle management app backed by clinical studies and scientific evidence, nBuddy Diabetes is developed by HeartVoice, a member of iAPPS Health Group, and was conceptualised by NUH Chief Dietitian Dr. Lim Su Lin. 

    As reported in 4 peer-reviewed journals published within the past 2 years, nBuddy is proven to be effective in promoting positive behavioural change for weight and chronic disease management.

    Dr. Lim Su Lin was recently invited to speak with Daniel Martin on CNA938’s Health Matters about her latest study, which involved a randomised clinical trial with Asian adults with Type 2 Diabetes.

    Scroll down to read through what they discussed!

    Daniel Martin (DM):
    Type 2 Diabetes – it’s a major public health problem all over the world. In Singapore, something like 640,000 people suffer from Diabetes. Could Lifestyle Interventions really be effective in Diabetes Management? A team of researchers, led by Dr. Lim Su Lin, Chief Dietitian from NUH, carried out a randomised clinical trial to compare the effects of a culturally contextualised smartphone-based intervention compared to usual care on weight and metabolic outcomes.

    Sharing with us the study’s key findings and the effectiveness of something known as the Nutritionist Buddy Diabetes app, lead researcher – the aforementioned Dr. Lim Su Lin – is here. Dr Lim, welcome to the show!

    Dr. Lim Su Lin (SL): Hello, Daniel!

    DM: I’m very intrigued about what dent this could make in our war on diabetes. Talk to me about the nature of the clinical trial — how were you able to test the effectiveness of something like this?

    SL: Firstly, I want to say – did you know despite so many smartphone-based apps on diets and healthy living, there are just very few of them based on clinical studies?

    DM: No, and that’s a worrying thing right? That means a lot of people are using these apps that don’t have a lot of real evidence behind them.

    SL: Yes, so I’m very happy to say that this is indeed the first randomised controlled trial in Singapore using a smartphone-based lifestyle intervention on people with Diabetes, and we know that randomised controlled trials provide the highest level, which is the Level 1 evidence for therapeutic studies.

    DM: What did the study try to establish? How did the clinical trial get underway? What was the conduct of it?

    SL: Because it was a randomised controlled trial, we randomised participants either to the intervention — which is the mobile app group — and the control group. They get either one randomly, and both the control and intervention participants received the diet and physical advice from a dietitian at baseline.

    However, additionally, for the Intervention participants, they were advised to download the nBuddy Diabetes or the Nutritionist Buddy app and use them. For the benefit of listeners who may not be familiar with the nBuddy Diabetes app, it is a clinical-grade app which incorporates evidence-based behavioural modification strategies to promote weight loss and diabetes control.

    Some of the key features: it has a database of more than 14,000 food items which are localised to a Singapore context, and it can also evaluate the suitability of food choices and provides a healthier alternative if the food chosen is not the best choice — this is actually a unique feature. Another unique feature is that it provides a prompt when a user exceeds their calorie or carbohydrates limits. This helps people to understand their diet – whether they exceeded their carbohydrates and things like that.

    DM: What did the study establish — was it able to find that it was effective, that using the app had a greater result than just the control?

    SL: Yes, very! In fact, some of the results fascinated us. We especially want to highlight the good results of participants who initially had poor diabetes control at baseline, because they benefited the most significantly. These people benefited from the mobile app intervention with a 1.8% reduction in HbA1c. HbA1c is an indicator of the average 3 months blood sugar control. This insight shows that it’s greater than the improvement of about 1% achieved in most oral diabetes medications, as reported in many studies. To our surprise, the reduction in blood sugar was also achieved alongside significant reductions in diabetes medication in the mobile app group. That means besides blood sugar being controlled and dropped, they also end up reducing their diabetes medication. In the study, usually we worry about – maybe the blood sugar dropped because the doctor increased the medication, but the good thing was that we actually took note of the medications the patients are taking and any changes to the medications along the intervention.

    DM: How lovely to hear! It’s not just about minor improvements — it could lead to even some major life changes, potentially, and measurable at that! I’m curious though, because of our diverse population, our elderly population, people with language capacities and different languages spoken in Singapore, how user friendly is this app would you say in terms of user interface and the ability to reach different demographics?

    SL: Of course, there will be people who are not very tech savvy, so maybe they may not benefit so much from this, but we have quite many elderly participants above 65 years old and they have benefited from it too — as long as they’re willing to use the app. The good thing is that even for the Malay population, if the type in a Malay word, the app will be able to translate and come up with a list of the items they’re looking for. So many of our elderly participants have benefited from it, that’s what I can say.

    DM: So language support is there for English and Malay. What about Mandarin?

    SL: For those who are solely Mandarin-speaking or can only read Mandarin, we haven’t really tackled this group yet. But Broken English is fine — as long as people can speak Simple English, we are okay with that and they are able to use the app. 

    DM: That sounds great! What’s the availability like? Can somebody download and use it right now?

    SL: This app is available to the public in the App Store and Play Store with basic features accessible for free to the public, so they can download it right now. 

    DM: And is there a paid option or something like that?

    SL: If they want to upgrade to a Pro version, then there will be certain features that will be accessible to them like Daily Tips and Carbohydrates Listing. For those who pay the Premium, they even get nutritionist support and videos available for them. 

    DM: Ah, that’s the thing, because coming from the Dietetics department, I was wondering whether this is an opportunity to have a form of remote connection with the patients in a way.

    SL: That’s exactly what we did in this study — participants were able to connect with the Dietitians through the app. So this is one of the features we have in this app, with the Premium version. The Pro is without the support from the Dietitian, but the Premium is. But the Pro has a few other features available. Basic is good enough if they want to download it for free and try it out first, just go ahead – there’s no obligation that they have to pay for it and things like that. A lot of people are downloading it and using it for free actually!

    DM: I’m sure! You know what? If it’s good advice, if it’s backed up by research like you said and a clinical trial behind it in terms of its potential impact, what a great opportunity. Dr. Lim Su Lin, the Chief Dietitian from the National University Hospital — a smartphone-based lifestyle intervention app for weight and blood sugar control in Type 2 Diabetes patients.

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    Managing your weight and blood sugar using nBuddy Diabetes Mobile App

    Diabetic patient Mr Yang Chao Zong: “Using nBuddy Diabetes app changed my whole life

    With the help of nBuddy Diabetes app, 70year old trainer Mr Yang Chao Zong managed to shave off 16kg and gained control of his sugar levels by making lifestyle and dietary changes.

    Locally, more than 640000 Singaporeans are diabetic. Research has shown that obesity increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by up to 80% to 85%, thus carrying excessive body weight does not equate to prosperity. With the help of nBuddy mobile app, the 70-year old instructor has not only managed to lose about 16kg, in 1 year, but has also managed to improve his blood glucose control. 

    Yang has been living for the past 12 years with diabetes. He was first diagnosed with high blood pressure, and then high cholesterol. He says that the combination of his inability to manage his appetite and obesity, contributed to his condition. He also believes that it was his own right to consume whatever he wishes leading to him reaching a weight of 92kg at one point.

    In an interview with Lianhe Zaobao, together with Chief NUH Dietitian Dr Lim Su Lin, Yang confessed that it was only in the last 5-6 years that he accepted the fact that he was diagnosed with diabetes.”

    Mr Yang shared that initially he did not experience any obvious symptoms and believed that by taking medications and having regular check-ups would be sufficient to manage his diabetes Furthermore, it was cultural that Chinese tend to refuse the fact that they have fallen ill, even so for their love of food.

    Yang shared that he has no family history of diabetes. Even with his weight soaring to 92kg, Yang shared that he didn’t feel that there was anything wrong, furthermore, he sheepishly remarked that he used to think that being fat was a blessing. 

    Results seen after 3 months

    It was not until 4 August 2018, Yang’s first contact with NUH Chief Dietitian Dr Lim Su Lin, by participating in the research mobile application “Nutritionist Buddy Diabetes” (nBuddy Diabetes). Mr Yang carefully followed instructions and made changes to his diet and lifestyle, leading to him losing around 14-to 16kg in a year.

    He continues: “I was told by the Doctor that if I don’t manage my condition well, it may lead to complications like proteinuria (protein in the urine), leading to chronic kidney disease, eventually leading to kidney failure which will require lifelong dialysis.

    He confessed saying when he travels to Shanghai, it’s a must for him to eat braised pork. His favourite local dishes include laksa, char kway teow and tao suan. Cheesecake is another dish that is irresistible.

    Yang said that when he first started using nBuddy Diabetes, almost every dish exceeded his dietary requirements; however after 3 months, he saw a gradual reduction of weight and blood glucose levels. Within half a year, he successfully lost 6 to 8kg while his HbA1c decreased from 10% to 6%. His diabetic medications were even reduced to once daily and high blood pressure medication reduced by half.

    Managing your diet to manage your weight

    Mr Yang shared that he weighed about 72kg before the pandemic however due to the reduction of outdoor activities and consuming lovely meals prepared by his wife, his weight has increased slightly to 75kg. However, he monitors his weight closely to prevent any further weight gain.

    He said, “For the past 3 years, I have been going for a 30 minute brisk walk every morning. Food wise, I do not eat anything fried and I insist on less salt, sugar and oil. In the past, I loved to eat roasted pork, but now rarely. On occasions when I do choose to eat these foods, I tend to choose more lean cuts and select steamed or grilled fish. I used to eat Laksa weekly but now I only give it a go every 3 months or so.”

    On the other hand, if he has any dishes he is a little addicted to, he will satisfy his craving with only a bite or two rather than finish the entire dish by himself Even if there was cheesecake, a dish Yang cannot resist, he will only take a bite.

    Yang continues, “Now I choose to consume mainly only brown rice and high quality, lean protein like fish and skinless chicken. Fruits wise I would manage my portion size which helps me manage my blood glucose levels and also reduce my meal portions by half. A healthy diet is not about avoiding everything but rather making smart choices. ”

    After losing weight, Yang found himself a lot lighter, going up and down the stairs no longer gave him any knee pains. He became much more energetic and has a reduction in his waist size by 4 inches to 34 inches now.

    “To me, these significant changes has been my main source of motivation.”

    Yang’s height is 173cm which means his ideal weight is 69kg. However, he is not pursuing quick weight loss, but rather is focusing on healthy dietary patterns and lifestyle. 

    He says, “This app (nBuddy Diabetes) has changed my life. Actually, change in diet is about choosing healthy foods rather than food restriction. I can still choose to eat the food that I want as long as I control the portion size and make unhealthy food an occasional occurrence. If I want to eat a hamburger, I can check on the app to see if there are other healthier options that can also satisfy my cravings.”

    For example, he still drinks beer occasionally and regards it as a joyous occasion. During Lunar New Year, he purchased many non-sugar and “bakkwa” that is low in sugar. For wedding banquets and dinners, he will also not eat too much.

    Yang describes having nBuddy Diabetes app is like having a trusted partner around, reminding and urging him to make healthier food choices and to exercise regularly.

    “I am now “graduated”, no longer under this research program. However, I will occasionally log my food choices and allow the application to suggest some healthier choices. 

    Yang has completed his 2 vaccinations as well as his booster, and says, “ I’m glad NUS has launched this program and I am also happy to share with everyone how I have benefitted from it.”

    A 3-year clinical trial research on the nBuddy Diabetes conducted by Dr Lim from October 2017 till march last year, showed that in 204 participants, diet and lifestyle changes lead to lower blood sugar levels and reduction of weight in diabetics, thereby reducing the risk of diabetes complication.

    Having been in the medical industry for 27years, Dr Lim’s most heart-wrenching moments would be seeing a lot of Type 2 Diabetic patients suffer from further complications such as kidney failure, retinopathy and amputations. Although a healthy diet and lifestyle can delay the progression of diabetes it cannot be reversed.

    At the same time, Dr Lim also found that many patients are able to control their diabetes well by adopting a healthy diet and lifestyle from the beginning, with minimal damage to their organs. This inspired her to develop the nBuddy Diabetes app.

    Poor dietary habits leading to increase in medication

    Dr Lim says, “Many patients with type 2 diabetes think that just with regular intake of their medicine, it will be adequate to manage their condition however this is a myth. Not changing one’s eating habits and managing their blood sugars will lead to an increase in medication that one has to take and may even lead to further complications. 

    Therefore, she advises people with diabetes to avoid foods high in refined sugar while ensuring adequate fiber intake by consuming vegetables and legumes, replacing refined carbohydrates like white bread and white rice with wholegrain, consuming adequate protein, reducing saturated fat intake and adhering to a regular exercise plan.

    In terms of exercise, Dr Lim recommends 150 minutes of aerobic exercises a week by choosing your favourite type of movement including brisk walking, jogging, swimming or taichi and even dividing the 30 minutes of daily exercise into 2 to 3 shorter sessions throughout the day.

    “In terms of diets, the nBuddy Diabetes will provide users with healthier options to choose from, for example, replacing brown rice with white rice, Should the store not have brown rice available, the app will also suggest for you to reduce the amount of rice and increase the number of vegetables instead.”

    According to Health Promotion Board’s My Healthy Plate, half of the plate should be vegetables, a quarter being lean protein and the last quarter being wholegrains. Portion control paramount. 

    Compared to other mobile applications, Dr Lim says nBuddy Diabetes’ 3 biggest features are calculating calories, carbohydrate and sugar intake, alerting the user if excessive intake is detected; setting achievable goals including weight and blood sugar management and reminding users to move and exercise regularly.

     She says that it is possible to cultivate healthy lifestyles including adequate physical activity, healthy dietary patterns and limiting unhealthy food to no more than twice weekly. 

    Young people should be assessed for their risk of diabetes.

    Dr Lim shared that common symptoms in diabetics include frequent urination, thirst and fatigue, but most people will not be aware that they have issues with excessive blood sugar. Thus it is recommended that those above the age of 40 should go for regular check-ups and those under 40 can do a diabetes risk screen online. 

    She also says, “Being obese or overweight may increase the risks of heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and joint problems, reducing the quality of life.”

    Actually, change in diet is about choosing healthy foods rather than food restriction. I can still choose to eat the food that I want as long as I control the portion size and make it only an occasional occurrence. If I want to eat a hamburger, I can check on the app to see if there are other healthier options that can also satisfy my cravings.

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    An elevated lifestyle experience for Health & Wellness, an expansion of the i-Wellness Clinic

    Singapore, July 5, 2021 — Last Friday, the Integrated Wellness Clinic (iWC) at Novena Specialist Centre, a member of the iAPPS Health Group (iHG), officially celebrated the opening of its newly-renovated space at #07-07 of the Centre, an addition to the clinic’s offerings, where it is currently operating in two other units within the Novena Specialist Centre.

    Beyond just medical care

    The new space features an Executive Lounge, where patients who sign up for Prime Health Screening Packages at the iWC will get to relax while waiting for their appointments, which will be held in a room located within the same space.

    In an effort to offer a more holistic healthcare approach to the community, nBuddy, a lifestyle management mobile app, is now extending its online presence reach in the nBuddy Suite, a Nutrition Studio within the newly-renovated space, to provide nutritional care beyond the usual medical care services found at most clinics.

    nBuddy Quick Facts

    • Lifestyle Management Application
    • Extensive & reliable database of over 14,000 LOCAL food items which has undergone over 7,000 hours of thorough nutritional evaluation by professional dietitians
    • Backed by science, with 5 research papers published in peer-reviewed international journals, funded by national research grants

    Leveraging on technology and healthcare expertise

    The Integrated Wellness Clinic currently offers accessible treatment on-site at the clinic or through virtual online consults via HeartVoice’s teleheath technology. For earlier detection, patients can arrange for health screenings, and participate in remote patient monitoring enabled by Omron devices’ data synced in real-time on the HeartVoice app.

    A win-win for ALL.


    “Today, we celebrate iWC’s expansion and a new chapter for nBuddy — extending their nutritional wellness services beyond the online audience with a physical space here at iWC, serving offline consult needs too to facilitate proactive lifestyle management among ALL patients. It’s a win-win for all and a significant milestone for iHG’s 3P personalised, predictive and preventive medicine that aims to integrate not just medical, but also functional and nutritional offerings for the community.”
    Dr. Lam Pin Min, iHG Chairman & Former Senior Minister of State for Health in his opening address at the iWC

    An elevated visiting experience at the newly renovated health & wellness lifestyle space

    “It’s a celebration for iWC too, complementing our current medical services with nBuddy’s offerings, plus a lifestyle space that our patients and visitors can enjoy and spend time on health and wellness activities with friends and family.”
    Carrie Ee, Director of Operations at Integrated Wellness Clinic

    Besides attending one-on-one nutrition consultations, the newly renovated space doesn’t just serve as a “executive lounge” for visitors to rest and recharge before or after their appointments. Educational materials will be provided around the Executive Lounge and Nutritional Studio, for visitors to learn more about how they can manage a healthy lifestyle.

    Functional Kitchen for Nutritional Cooking Demonstrations

    The space also comes with a functional kitchen, including an oven, where cooking demonstrations and food tastings are planned to be held in the evenings or on weekends. These demonstrations, conducted by professionals in the nutritional domain, will provide visitors with valuable culinary knowledge for their taking and showcases how food can equally be tasty when cooked and prepared in a nutritional way.

    Visit the new iWC unit today (address below) and participate in iHG’s new promise on healthy living where individuals are empowered to live life more abundantly through Fin-MedTech enabled 3P (Personalised, Predictive, and Preventive) medicine.

    #07-07, Novena Specialist Centre
    8 Sinaran Drive
    Singapore 307470


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    Introducing the iAPPS Health Group Digital Health Wallet, in collaboration with CashNow

    Pictured (from left to right): Ivan Khua (Chairman, CashNow), Toh Kok Wee (Director, CashNow), Esther Xie (Director, iAPPS Health Group), Dr. Lam Pin Min (Chairman, iAPPS Health Group)

    Pictured: Signing of official documents by representatives of CashNow and iAPPS Health Group

    iAPPS Health Group (iHG) Digital Health Wallet is the FIRST healthcare payment solution being offered FREE for Corporates to manage benefits, control budget, automate claims — all in one unified platform.

    It is also the FIRST in letting Providers keep not 25% – 50%, but 90% of their medical revenue which gets transferred instantly to their iHG Wallet (Provider) upon successful  transaction, vs the usual 2 – 3 months timeframe.

    In Collaboration with CashNow Wallet

    Offered by iAPPS Health Group (“iHG”) in collaboration with CashNow, iHG’s Digital Health Wallet utilises CashNow’s Send and Payment capabilities to facilitate seamless transactions for corporates, providers, and individuals all around.

    “We started CashNow on the basis of serving the community, with increased accessibility through our integration with the SGQR label. Through this collaboration with iHG, we look forward to extending our services beyond the community, but also to corporate entities and healthcare providers islandwide.”
    Ivan Khua, Chairman, CashNow

    CashNow is widely used and accepted at over 8800 hawker centres, shops and F&B outlets islandwide that features SGQR code for Scan and Pay services.

    “With CashNow on board, it allows the iHG Digital Wallet platform to help healthcare providers get paid faster. Corporates using the wallet can streamline their flexi-benefits administrative processes which also makes the claims process for individuals or employees more efficient. This allows everyone within the ecosystem to spend more time on things that truly matter and putting one’s health first.”
    Dr. Lam Pin Min, iHG Chairman and Former Senior Minister of State for Health

    Get ready for an elevated modern healthcare experience!

    For Corporates: Give your workforce personalised healthcare benefits that’s optimised, easy to implement and at zero cost to you

    • Automate claims
    • Smarter benefits utilisation
    • Seamless administrative process

    For Providers: Enhance your suite of medical offerings

    • Get fairer returns for your services
    • Get paid in seconds… not months
    • Expand your patient base
    • Earn extra income passively & beyond clinic hours

    For Individuals: Experience a seamless modern process when it comes to finding and claiming for healthcare

    • Find a list of quality providers
    • Stay organised
    • Cashless payments
    • Delivered right to your doorstep
    • Spend and get rewarded
    • Receive special offers

    iHG’s Digital Health Wallet is currently being rolled out to our existing network of medical centres and family clinics islandwide. More features and enhancements are in the pipeline such as linking the wallet to a digital health card to provide a more holistic view on transaction history and health affordability status. 

    Whether you’re a provider or corporate, or an individual, be a part of the iHG network to access the above listed details. Find out more at https://iappshealthgroup.com/digital-wallet

    At iHG, we are committed to empowering individuals to live life more abundantly through Fin-MedTech enabled 3P personalised, predictive, and preventive medicine.

    Pictured (from left to right): Ivan Khua (Chairman, CashNow), Toh Kok Wee (Director, CashNow), Esther Xie (Director, iAPPS Health Group), Dr. Lam Pin Min (Chairman, iAPPS Health Group)

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